Vision, Mission & Values

Vision & Mission

Isidore Electronics Recycling is building a world in which our resources – both human and natural – are valued, not wasted.

Our mission is to make recycling electronics easy, secure and accessible, while creating employment opportunities for people who have successfully exited California’s correctional system.



Core Values

  • We believe in second chances.
    For those who have served their time and are ready to positively contribute to society, and for the precious resources in our old electronics.
  • We believe in public safety.
    Our landfills are overflowing. Our prisons are overflowing. The toxins in our landfills get into our drinking water, into our ground soil, into our lives. 98% of people who go to prison come out of prison to our communities. If we haven’t rehabilitated them, they go back to prison – often after having committed more crimes. That is not public safety. There is no “away” when we throw something away. The public will be truly safe when we keep electronics out of landfills and people out of prison.
  • We believe in being truly green.
    We are always striving to be as environmentally correct as possible. We vigilantly seek new solutions and the most innovative ways to reclaim our resources.
  • We believe in the power of work.
    Work gives us purpose. It gives us pride, dignity, and self-respect. It gives us self-worth. Work is a tool of healing and of rehabilitation; it is our most powerful crime-fighter.
  • We believe in doing no harm.
    The systems that were designed to help people are hurting people. We have a moral obligation to examine and better them. Immediately.
  • We believe in the power of public-private partnerships.
    Businesses can and should partner with government to solve problems. Period.
  • We believe that today’s companies must embrace a triple bottom line.
    There is no room for a modern business to be anything but socially and environmentally responsible. This new generation of business knows that there is a value in social good that is comparable to monetary value, and is equipped to tackle huge, gnarly problems with efficiency and style.