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Isidore is a premier electronics recycler.

Based in Los Angeles, Isidore offers free pickups, certified data destruction, re-selling services and customized e-waste solutions for all types of business and institutions. In addition to being a woman-owned LLC, Isidore is clearly focused on social responsibility, specifically:

 1. Minimizing the negative impact of improperly handled e-waste on the environment in LA.

 2. Recycling LA's e-waste right here in our city, providing jobs and supporting our tax base.

 3. Offering jobs to people who suffer from severe barriers to work, specifically, those previously incarcerated.


4 Ways You Can Recycle With Isidore:

  1. Request a Pickup

  2. Drop-off at our Chinatown location, open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, Fridays by appointment only.

  3. Request a Collection Event

  4. Visit an E-Waste Collection Event



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