Hard Drive Shredding

Onsite Mobile Hard Drive Shredding: the Gold Standard of Data Destruction

Why take any chances when it comes to data security? The risk just isn't worth it.

Our state-of-the-art hard drive shredding solution handles both traditional (rotary, magnetic) hard disk drives, as well as new solid state drives and flash media.  

We will deploy the hard drive shredder at YOUR facility under YOUR supervision. Thus, there is no chain of custody--your data is destroyed by the time it leaves your control.


We can also combine or substitute the shredding service with our wiping and degaussing solutions

As an R2 certified company, we have undergone extensive third party auditing to ensure that our data destruction processes are effective and secure.

For a quote, email info@homeboyrecycling.com or call 323-222-3322.

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