Los Angeles'
Electronics Recycling Solution

Get Involved


 The first and best way to get involved is to drop off your unwanted electronics at our headquarters in Chinatown.

Already done that you say? The next step is to help your family and friends recycle e-waste responsibly. Let them know about the need to recycle electronics and about Isidore - spread the word and get Karma Points! You can share on Facebook, via Twitter, with Google+; whatever works for you. The Karma Points that you receive will be redeemable for Isidore goodies down the line. (For the time being - no harm in stocking up on good Karma :)

You can also get involved by requesting a donation event at your work, school, or neighborhood organization.

Remember - the more electronics that we can collect, the more toxins that we keep out of our landfills, and the more jobs that we can create. We can't do it without your help. So get involved today!


Thanks! And Happy Recycling.

- Team Isidore

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