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commented 2014-04-22 19:37:57 -0700
Hi, Do you recycle ink cartridges?
commented 2014-04-07 13:22:18 -0700
i think you guys rule
commented 2014-03-20 02:39:43 -0700
Is there an other solution to this kind of punishment? Jerahn Tucker just 17 has to serve 35 years in prison for a fruade with credit card. I believe that this will make the problem only bigger. I also believe this case stands on it’s own. So for young teenagers, who still have to learn about life and skills, there should be a better solution.

commented 2014-03-12 11:48:34 -0700
I heard your interview on NPR this morning. So impressed at the difference you are making. Keep up the great work.
commented 2014-03-12 06:38:43 -0700
Just heard your terrific interview on John Hockenberry’s NPR program ! I live in NY – so i realize this is way beyond your pickup area !! Is there any analogous service in the northeast that you are aware of ?

The work that you are doing to bring former prisoners back into the “mainstream” is particularly impressive — great that you are doing this !!
commented 2014-03-03 12:19:47 -0800

We are a computer store in Winnetka, California and we are looking to find new sources to work with.

Basically, we are mainly interested in buying Dell/HP Desktops/Laptops/Lcd Monitors in large quantity and also Computer Parts such as, power supplies and RAM , etc… .

Please send us an inventory or price sheet.




20201 Sherman Way #104A,

Winnetka, CA 91306

Phone:(818) 578-8698 – (818) 812-9110

Cell:(818) 268-1171

commented 2014-02-28 12:46:55 -0800
Hi we are in the process of setting up the same business in Australia,,Our problem is there are No refiners here and poorly regulated, The other problem is that ive contacted all these American recyclers and refiners and they all claim recycling but not many will tell you about precious metal content,,or any assay figures for different circuit boards in computers or it equipment,,,money motivates people so if you want more stock tell them whats in it. the EPA is not regulating tv computers get thrown in with steel,,they don’t or hardly give licences for export and No refining licencing by the time you ad in cost and time carbon emissions etc,,

you might as well bury the circuit boards,,

Is all we ask is for a trustworthy refiner with a great reputation if you could help,,,when it comes to precious metals really who can you trust,,,

I like your home page picture with multi layer ceramic capacitators

commented 2014-02-28 06:39:40 -0800
Noted your article in the recent edition of ‘Onearth’. The company I work for ‘Hugo Neu Recycling’ has very similar goals and endeavors. I would welcome you to look at our

Web page. In any event would like to talk with you and establish a working relationship. pls call me at your convenience. Alan Ratner
commented 2014-02-24 21:48:36 -0800
Love what you are doing. I am hoping we can help. www.JOINtheCREW.com here is a 40 second video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnCp9rZu4oA

Not sure if there are any products we can sell for you, but I love your vision and your presence. You are the real deal
commented 2014-02-21 13:03:33 -0800
I am a toner cartridge recycler/remanufacturer and looking to develop longstanding partnerships within the E-waste community. Demand has required me to reach out to more companies to buy empty toner cartridges. I will cover the cost of shipping and will pay for all usable cores. I will beat any price list in addition to providing outstanding service to you as a partner.

We will accept only OEM or all empty toner cartridges, depending on your sorting process. If needed, we do the sorting and counting at our facility and use a zero landfill destruction process for anything that cannot be reused.

Feel free to give me a call and we can discuss the potential partnership further. I ask that companies give us a chance to show what service in the waste business looks like.

Thank you,

Kevin Kane | Business Development Manager

Direct: 602-595-2998 | Mobile: 214-548-3740


commented 2014-01-14 21:55:33 -0800
Hi, do you take toaster ovens (and other small kitchen appliances)?
commented 2013-12-22 18:57:15 -0800

Please Forward To Any Person That Would Handles Your Companies Surplus Gear You Would Like To Sell

We Pay Cash For Re-Marketable Gear, And Recycle Non-Remarketable Gear.

Penndex Computers Is Looking To Purchase The Following Gear, But Not Limited Too…….



And Much More…..

Avaya, Cisco, Norstar, Mitel, 3Com, Polycom, Nortel, Alcatel, Lucent, Datacom, NEC, More…..

Juniper, EMC, IBM, Dell, Sun, More…..

PennDex Computer Corp.

1594 lucille dr # 100

Pittsburgh PA 15234

412 835 7460

412 835 7465 FAX

Steve Swindell

AIM : penndexsteve


Penndexsteve@verizon.net or Steve@penndex.com

commented 2013-12-03 17:49:02 -0800
“Dear PCBs & PCBAs Purchasing Team,

As a group, we fabricate PCBs and PCBAs in low to high volume production. With over 13 years of fabrication experience and a long-term supplier for HP, Sony, Philips, we can meet your PCBs and PCBAs fabrication needs.

Please feel free to call or write back if you would like a quotation or have questions regarding our products and services.

Best Regards,

commented 2013-11-22 09:26:47 -0800
I bought a PC disk Windows Microsoft XP Pro and when I tried to install it I could not because it is an older version of what I have now but also no product key code as it was not listed as not having one. Item # 131051576840
commented 2013-10-31 05:04:57 -0700

is our resource technology funding forum www.worldresourceventures.com in Berlin of interest for you to present


Ulf Leonhard
commented 2013-10-30 02:32:32 -0700
I would like to set up a call to discuss services for lead generation.

Our TouchPoints campaign is a multi-channel solution combining the

advantages of telemarketing and email marketing. Sales teams use

our service to find and contact potential clients, generate interest

and set up introductory meetings.

If you want to save time on prospecting and focus on closing sales,

please contact me to learn more. Let me know the best number to

call you for a quick chat.
followed this page 2013-09-26 12:01:28 -0700
commented 2013-09-24 11:37:09 -0700
I am looking to get a quot for my i4/4s lcds. They have broken outer glass with all good
commented 2013-09-24 11:34:40 -0700
I am looking to get a quot for my i4/4s lcds. They have broken outer glass with all good LCDs. Here are 2, 000 units available. I’m asking $6 and 50% upfront payment. Please let me know what we could do.

Thank you,

commented 2013-09-24 11:32:10 -0700
I am looking to get a quot for my i4/4s lcds. They have broken outer glass with all good LCDs. Here are 2, 000 units available. I’m asking $6 and 50% upfront payment. Please let me know what we could do.

Thank you,

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